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Smoky Mountain

Running head : SMOKY MOUNTAIN

Smoky Mountain





Smoky Mountain

In Dr . Krugman 's In Praise of Cheap Labor ' he presented the advantages and disadvantages of globalization for members of the Third World Countries . In this article , the author presented the sad truth about globalization as well . Despite these truths , the world remains to believe that globalization is still the best solution for poverty , which I strongly oppose

Poverty has always been a problem that plagued various societies . It is the problem that hinders

a nation from rising economically Unfortunately , poverty continues to increase in the Third World countries . And despite the practice of globalization , poverty is still prevalent

In addition , Krugman 's argument is true with regard to the advantage of having a bad job rather than being on the streets scavenging for anything convertible to money . The other face of globalization is also true as to the exploitation of workers by offering cheap labor cost . But then , despite of exploitation and cheap labor cost , it is still considered as a more viable solution to the problems of poverty However , Mr . Krugman 's statement that Third World countries cannot be competitive on this era of globalization may not earn approval

Through globalization , jobs are created in various companies and businesses opened for the people of the Third World Countries . However behind the promising offer of job is the appalling truth about terrible working condition and low wage (Krugman . According to Krugman , the developed countries tend to invest...

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