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Smiles of a Summer Night





The Characters in Smiles of Summer Night by Ingmar Bergman

Persona (personae , plural ) means role or mask in the Latin language . In literature , it refers to the character that is speaking in a certain story or narration . The persona is not necessarily the author although most of the time , the author is assumed to be the same persona he created

In the movie , its author and director Ingmar Bergman can also be analyzed through the personae he created in his movie . Among of these

characters are the lawyer Frederik Egerman and his young wife Anne , the lawyer 's ex- mistress Desiree Armfeldt and her illegitimate son to Frederik , Henrik Egerman

Bergman grew up to be religious and this aspect of his personality was emphasized through the character of Henrik . Henrik , in the movie , was a virgin divinity student . However , towards the end of the story , he eventually found out about sex in one of the rooms of Countess Armfeldt and made him stop from committing suicide . This similarity between Henrik 's character and Bergman 's personality can be pushed further using the images of both of their fathers . Bergman 's father was a pastor who taught him his first religious beliefs . Bergman grew up to have such great fear for his father who he described as a very strict one Although Henrik 's father , Frederik , was not portrayed in the movie as a strict one , Henrik still felt fear for him because he began to feel attraction to his wife Anne . All in all , the movie was full of wit and humor which Bergman managed to stitch with the theme of young and adult love relationships

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