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Paper Topic:

Sleep Deprivation Effect in Academic


I start with a question to attract attention from the audience

The next paragraph gives the definition of sleep

The thesis statement is that sleep deprivation affects academic performance because it increases fatigue and worsens stress , impairs cognitive function and emotional stability . Besides , it disturbs the balance of memory and builds aggressive and emotional unstable individuals


having introduced the , I moved to state the importance of sleep to survival . It states the average sleep time among undergraduates . This immediately raises questions : is this sleep time sufficient ? What

are the effects of a short sleep time ? Does it affect academic performance ?Body

questions engineered in the transition are answered in the body : it details the cause and effects of sleep-deprivation

Each paragraph is linked with the other with appropriate conjunctions and linkage phrases . This keeps the audience alert and connected to the br

The first main Point is Increase Fatigue because of Academic work Increased fatigue is the first sign of sleep deprivation the emphasis on that fatigue can be initiated and /or sustained in sleep deprived individuals . This impacts negatively on their performance

In a 2001 study by the School of Medicine , University of California , San Diego , they used Magnetic Resonance Imaging [MRI] to observe brain-wave activity of sleep-deprived individuals while doing simple verbal learning assignments , it suggests that the prefrontal cortex exhibited more activity in sleepier persons

The second is that impairment in cognitive function results from inadequate sleep . This point elucidates the fact the ability to gain information is disturbed by sleep deprivation

It is stated that the most immediate unavoidable effect of sleep deprivation is cognitive impairment . Cirelli , C (2008 . Is sleep essential

The third is the significance of stress to sleep . With sleep deprivation , stress creates a vicious cycle that worsens its status

Scientists from National Institute of Neurological Diss and Stroke have found that sleep deprivation leads to an impairment of mental and physical performance , and a reduced ability to perform mathematical calculations . National Institute of Neurological Diss and Stroke [NINDS] (2007

The American College Health Association in 2005 gathers that college students have Consistently ranked sleep difficulties as the third most common impediment to academic performance . The Franklin Institute (2004 . Renew - Sleep and stress

More paragraphs elucidate the thesis with scientific findings

Gomes also mention that he has constantly resulted in the conclusion that lower academic results were associated with less sleep duration This underscores that rest through sleep makes the brain ready to accept , process and produce information . Gomes , A . A , Tavares , J . and Azevedo , M . H (2002 . Sleep-wake patterns and academic performance in university students

A paragraph describes the `alcohol encounter ' this is a `poke ' into an artificial initiation of sleep which has detrimental effects on the future

The subsequent paragraph is the climax : it `guides ' the previous effects to their ultimate effects on the academic performance of the students


The speech alerts the audience to the importance of good sleep . It reiterates the status on sleep deprivation...

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