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How was Slavery different for men and women adults and children? Consider labor, opportunities for escape, punihments, and family life. Be specific and use examples to support the answers






Slavery is one of the cruelest and most inhumane way to treat a person Unfortunately , many have become victims of slavery all throughout the ages . The history of slavery is written down on a very long and winding road . Aside from the issues regarding black slavery

people often assume that this involves males , and because of this gender bias , women are immediately taken out of the picture . While it is true that male slaves suffered a great ordeal of pain , the female slaves

also went through rough times

Slave ownership was very prevalent in Europe and United States during the 1800 's . During that time , male slaves were made to work in the field and at home . On the other hand , female slaves were treated as mere chattels , and as such , they were always exposed to the risk of being sexually and physically abused by their owners . Thus , female slaves usually got worse punishments from the owner 's wife than the male slaves , especially when the wife discovers their husbands engaging in sexual intercourse forcibly with the slaves

If the intercourse resulted in pregnancy , the female owner usually took her revenge on the children

Generally , slaves were also not allowed to have any family because for their owners , their life does not have any value . According to an interracial slave girl Harriet Jacobs , slave women needed to ask permission from their owners if they wanted to get married , and more often than not , the answer...

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