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Slavery in the 13 colonies



The thirteen colonies were places people settled . The thirteen colonies were in North America . People from England started the thirteen colonies , the people were colonists . Before the Revolutionary War , the English-speaking people on the east coast of North America were organized into thirteen colonies governed by England . On July 4 , 1776 they became the original United States of America . They were Connecticut , Delaware , Georgia , Maryland , Massachusetts , New Hampshire New Jersey , New York , North Carolina , Pennsylvania , Rhode Island , South Carolina , and Virginia

The story

of the thirteen colonies is full of fear , bravery , struggle and luck . It is a tale of adventure , including bold sea voyages , a lost colony , pirates and even an Indian princess . It was a time of many firsts , from the first Thanksgiving in North America to the founding of the first free country in the world

The origins of Slavery

The United States was not the only country in which slavery was practiced . It was in North America , however , that slavery became identified with race . This is because most of the slaves in colonial America were black people brought from Africa to work white people

Slavery Becomes an Institution

In 1641 , Massachusetts became the first colony to recognize slavery as a legal institution . One by one , the other colonies continued this process of acceptance . In 1750 , Georgia the last free colony legalized slavery . By the time of the American Revolution in 1776 , therefore slavery was legal in all of the thirteen colonies . Even Thomas Jefferson write of the Declaration of Independence and author of the famous phrase ' all men are created equal , kept slaves . Slavery was a fact of life in the United States from the moment the nation began

Slavery as a Fact of Life

Slavery became not just a basic part of American life but also of the economy , particularly in the South . Throughout the 1700s and until the mid-1800s , slaves were such an essential part of the workforce that Southerners could not contemplate a nation without slavery . Most slaves farmed cotton , tobacco , and other crops on southern plantations

Thirteen Colonies , early settlements that eventually became the United States . The original thirteen colonies feel into these sectional groups the New England colonies consisted of Massachusetts , Rhode Island Connecticut , and New Hampshire , the middle colonies , New York , New Jersey , Pennsylvania , and Delaware , and the southern colonies , Maryland Virginia , North Carolina , South Carolina , and Georgia . The population of the colonies had reached nearly two million by 1770 .1

Government in Colonial America

The settlement of colonial America entailed the movement of people from elsewhere into areas previously resided in by Indians . It required the attraction of free immigrants , mainly from the British Isles , and the acquisition of slaves from Africa , as well as the need to control those already there , or at least , to work out mutually

1 . Cornelison , Pam and Ted Yanak , 2004

satisfactory arrangements for coexistence . For free immigrants it meant relocation into an area quite different from that...

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