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The Simpsons

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07 June 2009


I . Introduction

A . Background

B . Thesis statement

C . - The Simpsons

1 . - The Simpsons

2 . Position - The Simpsons is the cinematic creation of postmodernism

intentionally designed as the instrument of cultural mockery

3 . Sub 1 - Intertextuality

Sub 2 - self-parody

Sub 3 - the vague boundary between high and low culture

II . Sub 1

sentence - Intertextuality is the determining feature of The Simpsons , as well as the critical element of its postmodern vision

p Present evidence - Its deconstruction of its environment , and of the ground upon which it stands , goes further , as both animation and television in general are mocked (Gray 160

Explain - The Simpsons is the product of animation , and it turns animation into the central object of mockery

Analyze - This suggests that as a product of postmodernism , The Simpsons also mocks over the major values and cultural standards , as well as the role they play in shaping our worldviews

Connect -

III . Sub 2

sentence - parody is just another element of postmodern culture which The Simpsons seeks to promote

Evidence - The Simpsons is on the sort of postmodern mission to denaturalize some of the dominant features of our way of life to point out that those entities that we unthinkingly experience as natural , are in fact cultural made by us , not given to us (Degli-Esposti 62

Explain - This quotation reveals the complexity of postmodern interrelationships between community , values , and media

Analyze - Whenever we apply to television and media...

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