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Sigmund Freud, his timeline in his life and his contribution to psychology

Sigmund Freud and His Contribution to the Field of Psychology


The field of psychology is mainly the scientific approach towards the study of the dimensions of the mentality of human being , their behaviors , and the critical aspect of personality . In this field researchers and scientists study the human behavior and personality through the scientific methods of observation , intervention , and critical analysis to discover the basis of human mentality , the significant influential factors , and the nature and solution of common psychological problems . Through the study of this field and the

application of the knowledge gathered from it , the present society is able to understand the basic characteristics and nature of the human mentality thus , developing a more in-depth view towards the psychological dimension of the human being

The field of psychology manifests a great deal of importance for the society as the knowledge gathered in this field helps the society in understanding , interpreting and intervening with the common characteristics and problem linked in the psychological nature of human being . However , the development of the psychological field has also become complicated primarily on its primitive stages . Many problems and issues have been encountered which relatively hindered the development of this field . Regarding these problem , the efforts and critical analysis of the people dedicated in this field become the answer and the fuel towards the development of the psychological field . With the significant contributions and effort of notable personalities in the psychological field , that the scientific community dedicated towards the understanding of the human mentality became successful to what it is now in the present

Among the notable icon in the development of the psychological field is Sigmund Freud who is credited as the father of psychoanalytic school of psychology . His efforts , studies and insights have opened a new proportion in the psychological field that determines the significant foundation and influential factors to the development of personality and behavior of the each individual . He also explored the significant nature and characteristics of common psychological problems and issues relating them to the factor of experiences and the foundation of individuality complex . His approach towards understanding human personality paves the way for the modern psychology , which explores the fundamental characteristics and levels of human personality resulting to the discovery and explanation of critical psychological knowledge

Biographical Timeline

Freud 's contribution and involvement in the psychological field and intellectual characteristics are considered to be among his innate talents making his career the perfect path for him . Freud is of German race born within a normal middle-ranged family . Since his childhood Freud has already displayed superior intellect from his siblings giving him enough favor from his parents to gain proper education despite of their economic condition . Owing from his natural intellect and scientific attitude , Freud was able to dominate his primary and secondary education graduating with excellence and as an outstanding pupil of a prominent school

Before proceeding to his initial plan of studying law , Freud became a member of the medical faculty at the University...

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