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Short Story Argumentative Essay - "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson





The Marked One : An Analysis of The Lottery


In Shirley Jackson 's 1948 short story , The Lottery , a small village engages in a tradition of holding a lottery in which every family pulls a slip of paper from a black box to decide which family will have to sacrifice a member for stoning by the villagers . After the head of household selects the marked slip , another drawing is conducted where each member of the doomed family has to select slips . This year , Bill

Hutchinson draws the marked slip for his family , and his wife , Tessie ends up selecting the final marked slip , designating her as the person to be stoned by the villagers . The Puritan theological roots of the United States are still pervasive to this day , touching upon the ways in which fated individuals should be selected for punishment by their communities (Potter , David White , Eugene , 2009 . It is fair to say that the microcosm of the village holding the deadly lottery is a way in which Jackson calls attention to the dangerous Puritan philosophy and practices of the United States culture . Jackson illustrates the common yet scary tendency for a community to decide that a member is worthy of punishment and to carry it out without moral qualms

The Marked One

The idea of a person being a marked , designated for punishment by the community , can be noted in many instances of literature , history , and even current politics . For example , in Nathaniel Hawthorne...

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