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Short Essay on Integrity

Running Head : INTEGRITY







For me , integrity refers to the quality of a person 's character . It also pertains to the general character of a person . It can be anchored on a person 's different aspects of life such as intellectual and artistry . Moreover , it implies one 's values . It implies that a person needs to be consistent with his or her values . He or she must stand on his or her belief system without questioning or bothering his or her own

due to other people 's influences and beliefs

Workplace integrity means that a person is doing his or her job properly and correctly even if no one is looking . It means that a person is working honestly for the benefit of the company , as well as for him or herself

On the other hand , political integrity can be sifted to the political leaders . It can be defined as performing one 's task and responsibilities to the government without harassment and corruption . It means abiding with the law and standing with one 's own political belief even if it is being contradicted by others

Societal integrity , on the contrary , refers to the general oneness and completeness of a society . It means that each individual is accepted in the society that he or she belongs to , and as such feels that there is togetherness . It also means that each individual is expected to cooperate truthfully with his or her society . It pertains on the right...

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