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Short Eyes

It speaks to all ages , races and genders of people . It has won many awards , most notably the New York Drama Critic 's Circle Award . Most of all , Short Eyes is a brilliantly written play by a man Bob Holman called , the Philosopher of the Criminal Mind

There is no broad great social reform message to Short Eyes it simply portrays people as they are in extreme circumstances . Fundamentally this is a play about human relationships , which have been subjected to some of the most serious forms of prisonization . Because of this , we

see many differing types of individuals inhabiting the prison . We see Omar , a perennial prisoner , doing his bid , being concerned about getting on the help ' so he can benefit from the extra cigarettes , or any other minor benefits that he can manage

We also see Murphy , the tough Irishman he becomes tougher in to survive a world of Puerto Ricans and blacks , where he controls the flow of drugs and homemade wine inside the prison . Clark Davis represents an emotionally disturbed man from an emotionally disturbed society . His death is the result of the rigidity of social values and morals in the prison world . Essentially , the morals that run throughout Short Eyes are the same as those of the outside world , but the prison setting has intensified them and their consequences . Prison it its own isolated society within the broader outside society

El Raheem represents a search for self through original religion . While he is not a Muslim or a Black Panther , he uses many of the same methods to educate himself and others to the natural state of the black man Accordingly , his inability to kill reflects this aspect of his personality : it is not an act of cowardice , but a showing of humanity

Not surprisingly...

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