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Sonnet 29

By William Shakespeare

In times when I have lost everyone 's respect and men view me with contempt and I have

no money or prospects

I am the only person who sheds a tear over my being a pariah

At this time I stand in my bare feet and scream at a god who pays no attention to my


and I consider how I appear , as I swear at the bad luck I have known

I realize I want to be a person with more prospects than

I have

I wish I was better looking and I wish that there were more people who like me

I covet the finer things in life that others have and I am envious of others ' abilities

But paradoxically , the things that I like best in life bring me the least pleasure

Still , even though I think of myself as beneath contempt , I still happen to think of you

It makes me so happy that my feelings change drastically

like a bird who flies up out of his nest with the morning sun

and warbles an aubade at the front door of God

This is because the memory of the love I have for you makes me so rich in spirit

that I would be foolish to trade what I have for all the possessions of a powerful ruler (Shakespeare

Sonnet 29 , one of William Shakespeare 's most beloved poems , puts into powerful words the idea that love is mightier than poverty or despair It says that even the mere memory of love is greater than the wealth of kings . Modern English can sum up what Shakespeare is saying , to tell the student or the unenlightened exactly what it is that Shakespeare means much like a translation . However , like virtually all translations , so much is lost in the rephrasing . It is not possible for me to convey the power of his words using my own language and my limited vocabulary . As example , Shakespeare does not say , `I would be foolish to trade what I have for all the possessions of a powerful ruler ' He is more succinct and far more cunning . His genius shines through the centuries when he says , `That then I scorn to change my state with kings ' The reader must go to the source to get the power and experience the awe of Shakespeare at his finest , and Sonnet 29 qualifies in that regard . It is known still today by virtue of its power and majesty References

Shakespeare , W . The Oxford Shakespeare Poems : 1914 Retrieved 2-10-08

From : HYPERLINK "http /www .bartleby .com /70 /50029 .html http /www .bartleby .com /70 /50029 .html

When in disgrace with fortune and men 's eyes

I all alone beweep my outcast state

And trouble deaf Heaven with my bootless cries

And look upon myself , and curse my fate

Wishing me like to one more rich in hope

Featur 'd like him , like him with friends possess 'd

Desiring this man 's art...

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