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In Shakespeare 's The Tempest and King Lear , the relationship between the father and his children affects the progression and outcome of events Goneril and Regan oppose Lear after Cordelia 's untimely rebellion and disownment . In The Tempest , Caliban desires to overthrow Prospero for freedom . Similarly , the appropriative offspring also exhibit rebellious children ' challenging authority . In Jane Smiley 's revision of King Lear and Aimy Cysaire 's rewriting of The Tempest , defiance renders the children fatherless . In Disney 's The Little Mermaid , Ariel initially disregards her father but ultimately accepts his rule

. In Gloria Naylor 's Mama Day , the text itself becomes an orphan as the matriarchy flourishes . Although there appear to be few similarities between these works , the familial dynamic follows a similar formula : the children disobey , but only those who eventually accept the principles of the patriarchy are able to maintain a relationship with their parents the children who reject the authority become orphans

From the standpoint of his role as the father of three daughters , Lear 's division of his kingdom into three equal parts seems fair . Yet , this division is actually a recipe for discord . What strikes us though is how little insight Lear has into the basic character of his daughters Having lived with Goneril and Regan for two decades or more , Lear is completely unaware of their capacity for deceit he seems genuinely shocked when they begin to undermine his status as regent emeritus . The threefold dignity of a king , an old man , and a father , is dishonored by the cruel ingratitude of his unnatural daughters the old king , who out of a foolish tenderness has given away everything , is driven out into the world a homeless beggar the childish imbecility to which he was fast advancing changes into the wildest insanity , and when he is rescued from the destitution to which he was abandoned , it is too late . The kind consolations of filial care and attention and of true friendship are now lost on him his bodily and mental powers are destroyed beyond hope of recovery , and all that now remains to him of life is the capability of loving and suffering beyond measure . What a picture we have in the meeting of Lear and Edgar in a tempestuous night and in a wretched hovel ! The youthful Edgar has , by the wicked arts of his brother , and through his father 's blindness , fallen , as did Lear , from the rank to which his birth entitled him and , as the only means of escaping further persecution , is reduced to the disguise of a beggar tormented by evil spirits . The king 's fool , notwithstanding the voluntary degradation which is implied in his condition , is , after Kent , Lear 's most faithful associate , the wisest counselor . This good-hearted fool clothes reason with the livery of his motley garb the high-born beggar acts the part of insanity and both , were they even in reality what they seem , would still be enviable in comparison with the king , who feels that...

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