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William Shakespeare

I . Introduction

William Shakespeare is an English poet and playwright . He has long been recognized as the world 's finest dramatist and a poet of high rank , and most modern critics consider him the world 's greatest literary figure His plays have been translated into all major languages and numerous minor ones performed repeatedly in almost every country and in Europe and America staged oftener than those of any other playwright . His plays have been made into motion picture , radio , and television productions and have formed the basis for

operas and musicals . Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet have each been filmed about 25 times (Ogburn , 2000

More has been written about Shakespeare than about any other author The thousands of essays and books about him and his works include biographies critical appraisals Shakespeare encyclopedias psychological and philosophical interpretations and bibliographies Poems in his praise - and some in his disparagement - have been written by leading poets of his own and later generations . Plays and theories have been based on his life and works . Several libraries have extensive collections of writings by and about Shakespeare , including copies of early edition of Shakespeare 's plays (Ogburn , 2000 . The largest such collections are in the British Library in London and the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington , D .C

Shakespeare 's works have inspired more music than have those of any other author . Among musical scores for operas based on his plays are those of Rossini , Berlioz , Verdi , and Gounod . Composers of incidental music for his plays or of music for ballets based on his plays include Purchell , Mendelsshohn , Liszt , Brahms , Tchaikovsky , Debussy Humperdinck , Sibelius , Prokofieff , and Walton (Andrews , 2001

The purpose of this study is to investigate if Shakespeare in fact wrote his own plays . With this , the readers can read and know how Shakespeare writes his plays and how is it been discovered

II . Discussion

A . Shakespeare 's Works

Shakespeare fitted style and language to his dramatic needs . He wrote mainly in blank verse (unrhymed iambic pentameter , but also used rhymed couplets and quatrains , and introduced short songs in various meters into his plays . Some of the speeches in his plays are in prose . The colloquial , often coarse , language of the common people contrasts with the stately speeches of kings and noblemen . Young lovers ' speeches vary from simple and natural expressions to passages d with rich and fanciful imagery

The themes used by Shakespeare are also varied . There are , however , two general themes that recur in nearly all his plays . One is the necessity for human beings to recognize and accept a divine in all things - religion , politics , social castes , and personal human relations (Brown 1999 . It is thought that Shakespeare derived many of his ideas about from sermons called homilies , official texts for pastors , that were published from the mid-16th to the 17th century

The second general theme of Shakespeare 's plays is the difference , and sometimes the confusion , between pretense and truth , appearance and reality . Shakespeare...

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