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Othello was primarily to blame for his act , which is a crime . Othello was indeed led into deviousness by Iago , but the primary blame for it lies with him . Desdemona was not viewed as betraying him but an exalted image of herself Othello had created of her in his mind to deal with his own perceived inadequacy . Though it might escape the first reading of Othello , it was cleverly established by Shakespeare , Othello is indeed different from Iago who is inherently base and vile . He is capable of forming loving and enduring relationships

s is evident in his obvious love and trust in Iago . Othello is a strong leader . He is confident of his military capabilities in leading men to victory on the battlefield It is only in the matters of the heart that he is weak and unsure of himself . He is happy but confused by the fact that Desdemona chooses him , a black , to be her husband refusing the matches of several fair Venetians

He reasons with himself that she loves him for the dangers he has passed and conquered . In his mind he cannot think of a better reason for her to love him . To counter his own doubts he places her on a high pedestal almost worshipping her for falling in love with him

To say my wife is fair , feeds well , loves company

I s free of speech , sings , plays and dances well

Where virtue is , these are more virtuous

Not from mine own weak merits will I draw

The smallest fear or doubt of her revolt

For she had eyes , and chose me (Shakespeare , Othello , 180

Othello concludes that Desdemona 's virtue and compassion alone make it possible to love him- a dangerous judgment drawn from his low self-esteem in the matters of heart to base his relationship upon . When Iago sows the seeds of suspicion , Othello looks at it from the prism of his own heightened picturization of Desdemona and views it as the ultimate treachery

The quote in question , occurring in the Act III , scene III is preceded by Othello 's strong wish to remove all doubts from his bosom of his Desdemona 's treachery . He laments that had he not been aroused by suspicion , as he was a till a day ago , he would be like a happy man who had been stolen but never knew so

Iago cleverly manipulates the conversation into Othello placing Desdemona 's honor against Iago 's honesty . In acting remorseful and reticent he reinforces Othello 's belief some thing wrong is afoot . Iago says that he should be wise rather than honest to survive because Honesty seems to kill its practitioners . On this Othello goes into a contemplative mood , describing his precarious thought process thus

By the world

I think my wife be honest and think she is not

I think that thou art just and think thou art


I 'll have some proof . Her name , that was as


As Dian 's visage , is...

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