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William Shakespeare 's actual birth date is not officially known , but according to records and research he was born on April 23 , 1564 . This date is also Saint George 's Day , a British holiday . He was born on Henley Street in Stratford Upon Avon to parents John and Mary . His father was a tanner and leather goods salesman who became somewhat wealthy . He was a successful businessman and he also held several positions in the town of Stratford including one equal to being the mayor . He later lost this job and fell into

poverty before dying in 1601 . Shakespeare 's parents had three children that died before William was born , and he had two siblings named Gilbert and Joan . Because his father was an important man in Stratford when William was young , William received a good education . He attended a grammar school at Stratford upon Avon . This is where he first studied many of the Latin and English authors that later influenced his plays

After leaving the school because of his father 's loss of the public service job , William married Anne Hathaway in 1582 when he was eighteen and she was twenty six . There is evidence that she was already many months pregnant when they got married . They had three children : Susanna and twins Hamnet and Judith who were named after close family friends Shakespeare would leave his wife and children behind when he moved to London to become an actor

The years 1585-1592 are called Shakespeare 's lost...

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