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p 10 (1 ) The Tempest

The greatest name that comes into mind when one speaks of English literature is William Shakespeare . His works stand tall in the golden pages of English literature , influencing most people of his generation and many more to follow . Shakespeare painted and breathed life into each character of his plays with his magical artistic skills . Such was the greatness and purity of the artist that he is believed to have given birth to a completely new form of classical writing that the English language is so proud


In all probability , The Tempest was the last play by him . Shakespeare 's character Prospero , weaves the plot around himself . The Tempest is a marvelous creation of Shakespeare , abounding in supernatural illusions magic and revenge . The play is remarkable for the profound power of language , aptly worked upon to create dramatic effect . Prospero is the legal Duke of Milan . The magical atmosphere that the Bard creates through Prospero , in The Tempest , is one of the play 's defining qualities and , according to critics this element of magic pervades many of the key thesis in the work

However , Hamlet 's character can be considered to be one of evil as the number of deaths become recurrent because of him . His way of seeking revenge differs from that of Prosperos . There may occur many other defects in Hamlet as there are many more noble virtues in them . One of them outweighs all the virtues and brings about the ruin of the...

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