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Romance versus Realism

Sonnet 18

Sonnet 18 is probably one of the most popular and recognizable sonnets in Shakespeare 's repertoire of lyrical poems . The sonnet 's central theme focuses on incomparable love , alluding to the warmth and beauty that the speaker tries to impress upon the person addressed . The passages focuses more on the emotion felt by the speaker as it also tries to convey to the reader from the descriptive words used in to provide a sense of imagery and feeling . In

addition , Shakespeare is also famous for using words that connote another meaning in a given sentence . This leads to an open interpretation of his works through differently placed words and phrases , implying several meanings at the same time

Sonnet 18 has no defined gender of a person addressed since the poem nature highly romanticized and emotional , thus attributing Shakespeare 's issue on gender preference . But the beauty of the poem does not lie on the subject of the person that it is addressed to but rather the way the meaning of the words are conveyed and how it is interpreted by the reader . The sonnet starts with the speaker comparing the beloved to a summer 's day (Shakespeare , 753 . This implies that the person that is addressed has the beauty of a warm summer 's day since , in context of Shakespeare 's time as well as referencing to the seasonal patterns , a summer 's day is the highlight of the year compared to spring , autumn and winter . Though spring may symbolize a life or new beginnings , summer portrays the extremities of nature 's beauty such as flowers blooming in fullest , bluest of skies , the highest hues of colors and so on . The use of summer in this phrase is concentrated on the beauty of its extremities and not of its conditions in temperature . The second line further implies the speaker 's apparent awe and appreciation as the beloved is far beyond comparison than that of a beautiful summer 's day The use of the words more lovely and temperate ' imply that the comparison with a summer 's day , he or she does not possess its negative effects like the extreme temperatures and such . The passage also implies certain exaggeration on the feeling of love , wherein the first paragraph is the first logical statement , as if the speaker is trying to convey emotions into words and the second one defies logic , which surpasses action and beauty itself is incomparable . The next line proceeds with the of summer 's extreme conditions . Rough winds blow the `early buds of May ' signify the finite beauty of the beloved , which connotes summer 's gradual transition to autumn , thereby losing color warmth , and life while summer 's lease indicate shortness of the seasonal period which also falls under the context of the third line . The next lines indicate the hotness of heaven 's eyes and how the complexion of bright gold sometimes dims under a cloudy...

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