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Separating Myth from Fact

Code : Separating Myth from Fact Page 1 How do we as scientist separate myth from fact ? Are we always `right ' or can facts change

Regarding myth and facts in the fields of Social Sciences such as Anthropology , Sociology , Political Science , Economics , Law , Psychology Criminology , and Social Psychology there might be cases or situations in how to determine which are the facts and myth . So that , a certain manner of investigation will be used and I proposed the following

1 . When doing a research , it is better to take all kinds of

data , be it facts or myth that is because to allow flexibility and not to be discriminating or choosy

2 . Have an open mind at all times . Because this is a very broad thing to conduct a study and research and the more data the better that is from sensible to not

3 . Have your own personal touch , it means it is unnecessary to do it by the book always

We might not be always right , so making mistakes must be normal and correcting them later on will make things a lot better

Yes , in the field of social science facts may change but it must be impossible for facts to become a myth because if facts change then it will be just another facts and a better one

And the last part of the research activity is to separate myth from facts . Since all facts must have certain logical basis and a lot of common sense . As a social scientist there are always differences between a new ' and seasoned ' researcher and the common sense of the veteran will at all times matter . It is because they do have the confidence...

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