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Sensation and Perception

Running Head : Sensation and Perception

Sensation and Perception


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Sensation and perception are closely related principles in psychology Sensation is the manner in which people respond to stimuli using their senses . Perception , on the other hand , refers to how stimuli are interpreted . Sensation and perception are both important for human development and survival

Sensation and Perception

In the field of psychology , sensation and perception are intimately related concepts . They are closely linked in the sense that they play complimentary

but different roles in how human beings interpret their world . Sensation is the process of experiencing a given stimulus through touch , taste , sight , sound and smell . Perception , meanwhile , is how the raw information from this stimulus is interpreted . Sensation and perception are important for human beings to be able to make sense of everything that going on in their environment (AllPsych Online , 2004


Humans familiarize themselves with their environment through various senses , particularly the senses of sight , hearing , touch , smell and taste . So important is sensation to human adaptation that more than 50 of the functions of the cerebral cortex are devoted to visual functions A huge part of the remainder , meanwhile , is devoted to audition and speech . At present , sight and hearing are the most studied among the human senses (Psychology , 2002


The sense of sight is considered as the most important among all human senses , as it is capable of creating vivid and detailed representations of the world . From hazy patches of light that is projected by the lens onto the retina , a three-dimensional model of the world is generated This model is so sophisticated that it can identify people and objects of different shapes , sizes and colors , as well as those located at a certain location or in motion . Behavioral scientists that are studying sensation and perception have , so far , discovered the connection between sight and perception (Psychology , 2002

In to make out what is present in a scene , the human brain makes reasonably informed guesses by matching the information provided by the eyes with knowledge , beliefs and expectations . It is believed that the brain also makes a huge amount of guesswork just to be able to come up with human inferences regarding the location , movement , size , color and texture of objects . Since almost all aspects of human life are dominated by routine and familiarity , the brain almost always comes up with correct guesses . As perception is heavily dependent on how humans view their external environment , behavioral scientists must not only link perception with sensation , but also with learning , memory , judgment and problem solving (Psychology , 2002


Without perception , life would be reduced to a meaningless shuffle of colors , shapes and sounds . A person who does not have any perceptual ability will not survive for long - he or she will not be able to recognize faces , understand language or avoid threats . The survival of many animal species has often been attributed to the evolution of their sensory and perceptual...

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