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Seniority-based procedures

Running head : Seniority-based Procedures






Seniority-based Procedures

Seniority-based procedures have traditionally been used in the United States as the main determinants of human resource activities . For examples , promotions have been based on who has stayed most in a business firm and if the need for layoff or downsizing arises , those employees that were hired most recently have been the first to face the axe . Additionally , employees who have stayed longer in an organization are usually paid higher than new entrants at the same

level . However management procedures have been changing . For example , the Virgin group shifted to merit-based procedures . In this essay , I discuss the reasons why I think that seniority based management procedures are not fair during times of reduction in workforce

First of all , new employees may be more qualified to fulfill certain work responsibilities than those that have existed in an organization for longer periods of time . This is more so since education curricula have been changing so as to meet the requirements of the job markets When a more knowledgeable and skilled worker is dismissed to save a lesser knowledgeable employee , then that is not fair . The younger entrant is definitely going to feel cheated by the system and will get de-motivated . Embracing seniority-based procedures therefore kills motivation and causes a decrease of essential skills in the workforce

Secondly , young entrants in an organization strive very hard to make an impact and develop their professional skills . In the meantime , employees who have...

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