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Procrastination is one of the determinants of a person 's attitude and behavior . It is an attitude that further delays a given task and prolongs the activity that should be done in a timely manner . It is said to be a behavioral problem that needs to be addressed

A procrastinator is sometimes unaware of what he is doing and cannot identify that he has problems regarding self-control . He or she needs wisdom and discipline in to make responsible

decisions to overcome and suppress the feeling of being a procrastinator

Thus , it is important to determine the reasons why people procrastinate and the problems that are caused by procrastination . When the reasons and the resulting problems are identified , strategies to deal with this attitude problem can be devised

Defining Procrastination

According to the Oxford Dictionary , the etymological meaning of procrastination originated from the Latin word procrastinatus meaning forward of tomorrow (Oxford , 1989 . Procrastination involves the act of letting the low-priority tasks get in the way of high priority ones . It is defined as an activity that delays task to a longer period of time . This later on becomes a habit and a mechanism to cope up with anxiety associated with any task or decision (Fiore , 2006

Procrastination is also identified as a psychological or physiological dis that causes an individual to experience stress , guilt and loss of discipline . It is a problem commonly experienced daily but actually leads to a series of problems if proper regulation is not implied . It is the act of needlessly delaying tasks which later results in subjective discomfort (Solomon Rothblum , 1984 . Procrastinating is said to be more visible in school especially when students needs to submit term s and researches (Ellis , Knaus , 1977

Procrastinator is the perpetrator of the action and he or she is someone who knows exactly how to perform the task but will intentionally delay the performance . Instead , she or he will focus doing other less important activities than the important tasks . Most often , the procrastinator is busy doing leisurely activities instead of dealing with pertinent matters . Components of Procrastination

Procrastination is composed of three components : behavioral emotional , and cognitive . These components aim to explain the root of procrastination . Behaviorally , procrastination is viewed as a bad habit which has been reinforced . Individuals who procrastinate tend to avoid tasks which they find unpleasant (Solomon and Rothblum , 1984 . They would rather spend their time doing activities that give them immediate rewards . For instance , they will play computer games which entertain them than do their school project

The emotional component of procrastination explains the person 's inability to delay gratification of pleasure and lack of self-control motivation for achieving targeted goals , and necessary energy or organizational abilities (Salizman , 1979 . Procrastinators feel that they need to satisfy their desires before doing the important tasks They also prolong the completion of activity because they do not feel ' like completing the task . Yaakub (2000 ) adds that individuals who procrastinate...

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