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Self Evaluation Essay on English Composition Class

April 18 , 2008


English Composition

Good Essay Writing

A good essay should begin with a proper title , give an explanation of what the essay is about in the first paragraph and follow through the remainder of the essay , allowing the reader a better understanding of the of the essay . The essay should also provide adequate paragraphs with proper grammar , which support the first paragraph . The conclusion of the essay is also extremely important and should always talk about the of the essay

With good essay writing , the writer

should use a clear and proper title for the heading of his essay . This title should be one that is direct and to the point . The heading should relay a clear meaning of what the entire essay will be discussing from the very beginning to the last conclusion of the essay

By using supporting paragraphs , the reader is able to easily follow what the writer is saying throughout the essay and will be capable of a flowing explanation that has proper meaning to the reader

Supporting paragraphs will always directly relate to the of the essay so by talking about events and related issues that support the , the reader never strays from the main subject of the meaning of the essay

Also by using supporting paragraphs the writer is able to offer additional information that will give a better understanding of the that is being discussed by the writer

The essay writer should always use proper grammar and words that are clear and easy to understand . By utilizing proper grammar and words that are easily understand , the reader will be more capable of completely understanding the message that the writer is conveying to the reader

A good conclusion is also important in essay writing so that the writer ends their reading with a well-rounded meaning of the complete essay . A proper conclusion should be closely related to the first paragraph of the essay and offer an ending that answers a question or gives a direct meaning to the entire essay

A good essay should use the rules and guidelines described in this essay so that the essay writing will flow like a wonderful conversation on from the heading of the to the very last concluding paragraph . The essay should always offer the reader an enjoyable reading experience

Good essay writing is important and the main purpose of each good essay should be to always use good structure

To conclude this essay , I would like to offer that I did pay close attention to the heading of this essay , I used a great leading paragraph that told what my essay would consist of . I used clear words that are easy to understand while I paid close attention to using proper grammar in my writing . Also , I used supporting paragraphs in this essay that remained on throughout this essay and I will end by offering that I believe that this is a wonderful example of...

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