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Self-reflection and Self-assessment

Self reflection and Self assessment

This course has left an immense impact on my thought process . Through it I have discovered certain things about my self and my inner cravings which I was not aware of before . Hence this course has helped me in bringing closer to my inner self . It has transformed my outlook towards life . Now I care for others as well as for myself , much more than what I earlier used to do . I would like to confess that I immensely liked the teachings and the materials of this course

p There are three very important lessons that I have learnt from this course . The first lesson that is extremely important for the personal and professional well being of a person is to identify one 's objectives in life . If the objective is clear then one 's action also becomes more focussed . Now I have been able to recognize what my goals in life are . I have realized that I want to be of good service to as many people as possible . I think that counseling is a path , which I would like to take to achieve this goal . Helping others through counseling would come naturally to me and my work would be an extension of my personality . So my decision related to my profession is fixed now . I am glad that this course helped me in finding the right direction . I am looking forward to my professional life

As far as the second lesson - brief theories are concerned I would like to point out that I got additional information about the Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT ) through this course . Since I want to help others in the field of counseling , I found CBT particularly helpful . CBT is based on the principal that our behavior is related to our thought process . Whereas counseling means dealing with the abnormal and disturbed behaviors of individuals and bringing about a positive change in their thought process so that they are able to behave in a socially acceptable manner . Hence just like many of the counselors I too believe that CBT is extremely straightforward and deals with the present instead of the past . Since extensive research has been carried out in this field , as it was evident from this course , I completely trust its effectiveness and would love to use it whenever the situation demands . I also learnt about other important therapies like Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT ) and Reality therapy . Like CBT , REBT and Reality therapy have certain drawbacks . Apart from this all these therapies solve different purposes . Knowledge of all of them would prove to be immensely helpful to me when I would start working in the field of counseling . Since the solution of all the problems is not same , these would be different techniques , which I would use to help people who come to me to get relief from their troubles

The third lesson that I have learnt is that apart from helping others we should never neglect our own well...

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