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Paper Topic:

Segmentation strategy

Strength of competition

4- Volume of sales required for profitability

Now before implementing and designing a segmentation strategy for British Airways we need to see what the company pro is along with its major advantages that it holds in respect to the one its competing with , When we talk about British Airways obviously the first thing is that they have a huge global brand name and reorganization among the masses . Along with this they have the backing of strong recruitment and technology system , which eventually adds up to its high pro and

give them the edge over the other they compete with

The product that is offered by the organization is carriage of passengers , freight and mail , the provision of ancillary services . Main point business and leisure travel . Hence its target market is individuals (business person ) and families and it has a high network 550 destinations in 140 countries . The major promotion schemes of British airways are its

1 . Executive club

2 . Special offer

When designing the strategic strategy the first step is to see the where the competition lies in the case of British Airways the head on competition is same city-pair routes , from indirect flights , from charter services and from other forms of transport

When considering British airways as an organization and considering to define its segmentation strategy we need to look up into detail of what the consumer demand is how they for see the brand and what are impact of new product lines , when assuming to build up a strategy or renewing one we can take Kotler build-up ' approach , where large chunks of customer data is studied and similarities searched to make up segments that have similar needs , i .e . assessing the customer base quantitatively and grouping them - i .e . building up - the segments based on...

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