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The Secret by Petrarch

During the Middle Ages , European thinkers began to examine the world of humanistic thought . While this way of thinking was not new and humanism was pondered by ancient thinkers thousands of years earlier , the thing that made this line of thought so unique in Europe during this time was the strong influence of the Church . Thinkers like the Italian Francesco Petrarch and borrowed many philosophical elements from the Church and classical humanism , trying to synthesize the City of God with the City of the World . However , because of their rejection of the synthesis

br between these two worlds , the Church did their best to ensure that such acceptance of humanistic thought had no place in Church doctrine , and Petrarch was caught between his deep love of faith and his passion for reason . Despite his love of God and his desire to live a life ruled by adherence to reason , Petrarch must seemingly choose between the two and sacrifice his free will for his religious faith , but he instead chooses to attempt to synthesize them Petrarch 's basic teachings in The Secret ' seek to reflect that a synthesis between faith and reason is possible and both the City of God and the City of the World knowable reflecting an emerging line of humanistic thought of his age that increasingly caused tension between the thinkers of the time and the Church

Petrarch was a renowned fourteenth-century poet and scholar , and his contributions to European culture could end with these accomplishments What he contributed to the world of Christian humanism would also go onto inspire generations that followed and lead to the Renaissance . In his Secret Book ' Petrarch brings up the classical argument that God gave humans the intellectual potential to figure out the world for themselves . Because of their ability to understand the world through philosophy and reason , Petrarch 's beliefs conflicted with the Church doctrine that human intelligence and capability is limited by God 's will . Much like the thinkers Marcus Aurelius of Ancient Rome and St Augustine , Petrarch 's Secret Book ' sought to explore his faith and his knowledge as it relates to the City of God and the City of the World

Borrowing the spirit of St . Augustine , and with truth as his guide Petrarch created dialogues that examined his relationship with the worlds of God and man . The book begins with Petrarch introducing the extent of his spiritual and humanist struggles and how they relate to the afterlife : Often have I wondered with much curiosity as to our coming into this world and what will follow our departure (Petrarch The information that he cannot know torments him and he relays his questioning in the form of a dialogue between he and St . Augustine Petrarch is unhappy and St . Augustine suggests his unhappiness may be caused by his acceptance of the City of the World and his neglect for the City of God . St . Augustine recalls the words of classical philosopher Cicero : They could look at nothing with their mind...

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