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Secret Life of Bees/ Feast of Love

The Secret Life of Bees

An Analysis of Forgiveness and Responsibility


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People give pain , are callous and insensitive , empty and cruel . but place heals the hurt , soothes the outrage , fills the terrible vacuum that these human beings make ' This quote from Eudora Welty sums up the themes of responsibility and forgiveness in Sue Monk Kidd 's novel The Secret Life of Bees (Kidd , 8 . Lily , a fourteen year old girl racked with guilt over the accidental death of her mother and her role in that event

shape her life in extraordinary ways . However , it takes a removal from her home and a new place for her to find the ability to take responsibility for herself as well as find forgiveness (Kidd , 8 . As one reads the novel , one hopes that in the end it will be revealed that Lily did not really have anything to do with her mother 's accidental death This does not turn out to be the case . This is why Lily struggles throughout the novel with the ability to take responsibility for her actions as well as find the ability to forgive herself and others for the past sorrows in her life (Kidd , 8

Bees are an important symbol in the novel because they have represented death and rebirth for hundreds of years (Literature to Life , 13 . Lily faces many circumstances in her life when she struggles to find rebirth Similarly , honey was thought to be a sacred substance that had the...

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