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1 . Rodin 's secret to achieving life-life human body sculptures is representing the body parts as projection of interior volumes (112 This means that when he is working on sculptures of human bodies , Rodin think of the bodies not only with their outside appearance but on how the make-up of the bodies produces the outer appearance . For example when Rodin is working on a torso of a human body , he imagines not just the surface of the torso but the muscles and bones beneath it that give the torso its outer appearance . This

makes his sculpture life-life

2 . Art is always a transformation of reality , not a duplication (112 . This means that art is the result of an artist 's personal interpretation of what he /she perceives as reality . The artist 's mental image of a real human body will be transformed by the way the artist interprets it and this interpretation will be perceived in the finished art work . This is the reason why even if artists use one model for a sculpture , they produce different interpretations of the model because they transform the image with their art

3 . The Aphrodite is substantial because the female shape , texture grace , sensuality , sexuality and beauty are interpreted through a form and thus clarified (112 . The Aphrodite does not have a face but the way her body is presented reveals character or substance . When you look at how Aprodite is made to stand , you will feel the comfort that Aphorodite feels about her body . Even if we cannot see her face , her substance is beautiful because she is not ashamed of her body

4 . The techniques used in sculpture are molding , carving , casting and assemblages

5 . Truth to materials means that the choice of material used in sculpture (marble , stone , wood bronze , stainless steel ) should be influenced by what the artist wants to convey . Knappe says that each kind of material has natural laws of its own (117 . Henry Moore shows truth to materials when he used solid wood instead of hollow bronze in conveying solidity of the human form in his sculpture

6 . Space sculpture is a kind of modern sculpture that emphasizes spatial relationships and de-emphasizes the density of materials (119 . This means that the sculpture does not work only with shapes but also with how shapes interact with the spaces or how shapes are formed because of spaces and vice versa

7 . Artists show protest against technology in their sculpture by depicting human figures that are not lifelike and do not convey inner spirit but are only extensions of material things . An example is Ernest Trova 's Study : Falling Man (Wheel Man . It depicts a man whose limbs grow into two wheels that show that because of technology , humans turned into robot-like machines

8 . Artists accommodate technology by taking advantage of the technological developments as materials for their sculpture . Examples are Chryssa 's use of aluminum , neon light and steel as materials for her sculpture Times Square Sky and...

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