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Scottish and American Culture - A Contrast





Scottish And American Culture - A Contrast

Culture can be defined as a way of life of a people passed down over generations . Aspects of culture include , manners , dressing language , religion among others . Culture theless differs from place to place . In the case of American and the Scottish culture , there is a distinct disparity between them . These differences have come about as a result of the geographical locations of the two nations . The composition of the population has also contributed to the difference in culture

. The American culture is a global phenomenon . It has spread all over the globe through the instruments of mass media like radio and television . The Scottish culture on the other hand is not well known outside Scotland and countries with significant amounts of Scottish immigrants . Another major aspects of culture is religion . The difference between the Scottish and American culture in respect to religion is that the Scots tend to be more secular . The American culture also tends to display more variety as a result of contributions from the different nationalities that constitute the American nation (Campbell , Kean 20

The first major contrast between the American and the Scottish culture is the influence of popular culture in the United States . The United States is a global exporter of culture packaged in the mass media . Movies such as Indiana Jones are popular worldwide . American movie stars are household names globally . Actors and actresses such as Brad Pitt , Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington are very popular American music is also widely listened and has contributed to development of new genres of music in other parts of the world . New age musicians world over are copying the American style of music and incorporating it into their style . The mass media has transmitted the American culture and has consequently made it a global culture Scottish music and visual arts production have had less success thereby confining the elements of Scottish culture in areas with Scots or other nationalities who trace their roots to Scotland

Religion and the way it is perceived in the society is also a critical element of the culture of a nation . The Scottish has a more secular outlook in life than the Americans . The Scottish are not only secular , they are also behind the invention of modern secular nation (Gardiner 92 . In both countries , there is clear separation of roles of the state and the church . In Scotland , enlightenment thinkers such as David Hume contributed immensely towards secularization . There isn 't much national consciousness in terms of religion . There are Protestants as well as Catholics . On the other hand , a 2002 study by the Pew Global attitudes project the United States , as the only developed nation in the survey where a majority of the citizens reported that religion played a very important ' role in their lives (Gordon 72 . There is a more consciousness of religion and the role it plays in people 's lives in American culture than in Scottish culture


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