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Scientific Method Applied to Forensic Science

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Scientific Method in the Forensic Sciences

Scientific methods run a specific course in to maintain efficacy and authenticity of data received from any inquiry . The reason this method is employed so rigidly is because claims cannot be made about any scientific fact , without being substantiated . Particularly in a court of law or in a criminal investigation , convicting the wrong person as a result of incorrect or invalid research technique is simply not an option . This is why , with forensic investigation being a true and absolute science around

which peoples lives are a stake , the methods of scientific inquiry are strictly adhered to . What are these scientific methods and how are they used within the context of the forensic sciences ? In this essay , we take a closer look at the modes employed in the investigative sciences and why they are so important to the investigation of crime

Scientific method generally consists of 4 steps in evaluating circumstances although some may say that there is a fifth step , which includes the repetition of steps 3 and 4 (Wudka , 1998 . Steps are as follows : 1 . Observation 2 . Hypothesis 3 . Predict 4 . Test the predictions using experiments to validate the outcome . The idea of testing the hypothesis and repeating steps three and four helps to build and prove that there is a consistency between the outcome and the hypothesis , at which stage the hypothesis becomes a theory . This is used to explain the phenomenon in question (Wudka , 1998 . It is necessary first and foremost to state the problem , this clarifies and identifies the focus of the hypothesis to be tested . A hypothesis can loosely be described as an educated guess and the outcomes of the experiment is usually reported to the scientific community in the form of a report or dissertation . Scientific method is thus the foremost step in proving or disproving a crime suspect 's guilt or innocence , as well as determining both the cause of death in the victim and the identity of the victim

Observation and statement of the problem : The case of John Wayne Gacy

The problem as stated in a crime case would obviously be surrounding the crime committed . Taking for example the John Wayne Gacy mass murder case : what was the primary statement and observation regarding this `problem ? Initially , was what investigators had were the bones of 29 men . The question first to be answered , would be : how did they die where and when ? On observation scientists were able , using x-ray 's and dental records to identify the victims with the help of forensic odontologists , anthropologists and entomologists . This gives the investigator victims around whom he /she can work (Ramsland , 2007 Stating the problem : the bodies of 29 young men in varying degrees of decomposition , who was the killer

The Hypothesis

Using methods of physical attribution , the place of where the bodies were found is the first clue to derive a hypothesis from : Gacy 's home Yet this does not altogether rue out that...

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