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Science exam questions

DSL 100 O Course

Fall 2009

Final Exam due Monday , December 14 , 2009

Room 210 , time : 3 .30-5 .30 pm

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What is the scientific method

Scientific method is a technique which involves acquisition of knowledge or integration of existing knowledge by investigating a certain phenomena . Scientific methods include gathering information through observation which is bound on specific reasoning

List the steps of the scientific method


Formulation of hypothesis

Testing of hypothesis


What is the Big Bang model

There are conditions

which led to the development of the universe . Big bhang is related to the development of the universe through singularities . Universe is argued to have developed an initial condition which was hot and dense . This initial condition occurred in the finite past

Identify and characterize each regime of Big Bang model with the most important characteristic events

It gives a timeline of each event according to various cosmological parameters . It consists of

The very early universe in which the contemporary universe was a matter of speculation

The early universe is one in which the contemporary universe was composed of plasma

What indicates different colors of the stars

Stars take up white when looked at a glance . This is not the case since when closely looked at they have different colors such as gold , white blue and even red . The different colors are indicated as a result of the temperatures at the stars . Stellar colors were reorganized with the revelation of black body radiation

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