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Schrodinger 's Cat

Ursula Le Guin

Ethan Allen Noe

July 3 , 2008

Schrodinger 's Cat

It had been a clear and quite a lackluster day when the narrator began her story . She was walking coolly on the streets when she crossed roads with a newly divorced couple having an emphatic argument . She stayed at the scene for a while , trying to make sense of what the husband and the wife are disputing about before she decided to leave . After a few moments , she arrived at her home and met an

adorable and wise-looking cat near her porch . She befriended the feline and pets it before inviting it into her house . While putting out some cat food for her new found friend , there came a mailman whom she later referred to as Rover since the man talks and acts much like a canine do . After some discussion between her and Rover , the story began to focus on the central theme , the execution of the famous cat-on-the-box experiment of Austrian physicist , Erwin Schrodinger

Rover , utilizing all his persuasive charms , urged the narrator that the coincidence , her , his box , and the cat , was meant for some unknown purpose and that performing the experiment would benefit them both in certain ways . However , the narrator thought differently , fearing the fact that the cat may be killed in the course of the action . They dispute some more on the matter until they saw the cat jump in the box The box was already prepared and loaded with a photon gun when the cat jumped inside . It was quite a surprise when the cat did so , even closing the lid of the box with its playful tail

The narrator can 't do anything after the cat decided to jump unto the entrapment , the box was already sealed and all she and Rover can do is wait . It was like eternity waiting for the right time to open the box The narrator turned to Rover and asked what it is that he expect , why he want to carry out the experiment so dearly . Rover replied that he wants to be certain of God 's actions and told her that at the end of the test they will find either a dead cat or a live cat . But until they open the box , nothing happens . The narrator argues that such faltering views are lame and that the destiny of a certain being should be decided by him That it is his own self that could lead him to learn about life

With that said the narrator pushed Rover aside and abruptly opened the box - only to find out that the cat was gone . It was neither dead nor alive . It was missing . As she and Rover look at the brilliant sky , the narrator thought of what Rover said . At the end , she contemplates on what had happened to the cat . She wonders if the cat had at last found what it is that she seems to be missing


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