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School Vouchers, should they be established

p May 7 , 2007


School Vouchers School Vouchers Should school vouchers be established ? Yes , of course , school vouchers should be available to all families , rich or poor . More and more parents want to send their children to private schools , and too many times , it is impossible because of the lack of the necessary funds , to do so . It would be fair for all families to be given the same amount of money for their children , and to attend private schools , if they chose to . It should be an available option that

each student should be able to attend public schools

It is certain that there are many families who cannot afford private schools , and the school vouchers would open the door to individuals who , in the past , couldn 't afford this option . It 's unfair that funding is available to students who attend public schools and not to those who wish to attend private schools and this tells us that money is the main factor which dictates where our children will attend school

We realize that there would have to be a limit placed on the amount of the school vouchers and there would have to be categories that wouldn 't be covered by school vouchers , such as extra curricular activities , which don 't pertain solely to the immediate and most important supplies need for classes and the necessities that the students would require , in to attend private schools . The school vouchers should cover all necessary supplies which would enable students to attend school , without having to worry about the huge expenses

It 's true that school vouchers won 't eliminate all expenses incurred in public schooling , but this option would help to eliminate the biggest expenses and eliminate the unfairness of only offering funds to certain students . No student should be denied access to the school of their choice only because the funds are not available . There should never be an instance where a child is left behind , for any reason

Milton Friedman , Nobel Prize economists explains "I believe equity and efficiency call for a universal approach . If this measure was limited to low-income students , the same people would be opposing it on grounds that it wasn 't universal

Fifty years after he first proposed giving U .S . students taxpayer-funded vouchers to attend private schools , Milton Friedman has only one regret : He 'd change how much the government hands out . Their handing out is much too focused on public schooling and doesn 't allow equal opportunity "It should be less because government is less efficient " says the Nobel laureate economist , 92 "Anything government does , private enterprise can do for half the price

Though just a fraction of students now rely on vouchers , he points to "a steady expansion of interest " and predicts "a real breakthrough " one of these days when a large state , California perhaps , institutes a universal voucher (1

In M . T . Anderson 's futuristic book , Feed , one of the main characters compares his education to...

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