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School Finance Article Analysis






School Finance Article Analysis

After the Second World War , there has been a dramatic increase on school finance in the United States . Through the article , Guthrie explains some of the critical incidents that contributed the considerable increase of the per-pupil expenditures in public elementary and secondary learning institutions . Upon reading the article , one should have an understanding on how do certain events affect per student spending in America

Some of the factors cited by Guthrie are the constant

expansions regarding the services offered by schools , more pricey specialized classes on high school students , and special education programs . Also Guthrie includes that grants for students from disadvantaged backgrounds and those with disabilities make a contribution to increased costs . In the article , Guthrie suggests that it is very likely that the increasing expenditure on school finance continues . With this , the author offers some solutions to be considered to put a halt or , at the least , control its growth rate . Some of these are privatization and contracting

Just like the article states about the increasing per student expenditure , school finance in Massachusetts is also affected by the factors stated earlier . Thus , one can say that Massachusetts is on its way on a much higher education budget . In the event that the education status in Massachusetts will continue (that is , its school 's productivity is increased , there can be a possibility that the trend will snap , thus making the funds for public elementary and...

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