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Schindlers List (discrimination, power/authority, and genocide)

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I could have saved one more person : Oscar Schindler (in the film

This dialogue from Schindler near the end of the movie reflects clearly the deeper soul of a man (an angel in disguise for Jews ) who gave his everything to save the myriad dislocated people in the war hit Nazi lands . This film is plotted in the Polish-German war era and the aftermath for the Jew Community . There is a classic camera work and for

the added effect of the dialogues used in the film , there is greater emphasis on the in-between silence and the faces of main characters (close shots

Discrimination is the biased acts of denial towards a particular person /nation or community . And it was clearly the central theme of the movie the only permanent and persistent factor in the film`s progress The German Army was clearly in no mood for any forgiveness , rather it was their cruelty and barbarous acts of human wastage that caught the eye of the viewer who had their heart in mouth till the movie entered its last one hour . Discrimination issue was , for approximation , not completely acknowledged by people at every stage of the film . Women basically very not unanimously convinced about the extent up to which they could be treated in concentration camps . But a few of the characters in the film knew what was going to happen after the ultimate time . The discrimination blew off the seventh heaven sky when the army started cogging thousands of Jews in Brick making Ovens , the event was captured by the black snow ' made from the smoke that came out of the oven after burning myriad people . There was not even a slightest of the fore thought regarding women and children . The acts of barbarism that those small eyes became witness to were etched permanently in their mind . Director portrayed the fair decisions made at the end of film (hanging Amon and freedom for Jews . The solution for this issue was actually not given at straight since the resettlement of the Jews was not stated as possible and the people there still hated the Jews if they tried to go back , hence , neither ease nor west . According to my own opinion , the solution lies in the appreciation of the fact that the priority to religion before the life and growth results in cruel acts and the terms like genocide become everyday words

Power /Authority was depicted in the film in two ways , the good and the bad , both at the high limits . There was a lot of unconcerned and cruel display of authority at the hands of army officers especially Amon Goeth , who did every brutal act with men , women and children . However the protagonist of the film , Oscar Schindler was the real proof of the power combined with humility , dignity , and humor . What Oscar Schindler did (with his interpersonal skill and attractive personality reinforced with the money he...

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