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Schengen Agreement

Since 1950s , the European Union had been dreaming of free movement of people without a passport , across the countries which form the European Union . The Schengen agreement of 1985 opened all internal national bs all members of the Schengen agreement including roadways airways and seaways . Belgium , France , Luxembourg , Germany and the Nether-lands , after having made a lot of analysis ultimately decided to instigate a consolidated system on June 14 , 1985 by endorsing an agreement in Schengen and hence the name Schengen agreement

After the continued pressure from several member states Strategic

committee on Immigration , Frontiers and Asylum , was established successfully . In 1990 , the Schengen agreement was further clarrified with a Convention that explained how it actually works . Initially , the Schengen agreement did not fall within the framework of the European Community with the Treaty of Amsterdam became part of the European Law in 1991 and was assigned legal force on May 1 , 1999 at the end Continued complaints raised from the Eurpoean Parliament regarding the justice and home affairs

Spain and Portugal joined the Schengen zone . Convention is all about the abolishment of b controls of the Schengen agreement are included police assistance , statutory aid and the intensification of the external bs of Schengen sector . It aimed at controlling all illegal activities which included drug peddling , illegal immigration and the other factors which had signs of causing any internal hindrances within the zone of Schengen

Since then other countries have signed Convention were Austria and Italy in 1997 , Greece in...

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