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The Scarlett Letter Character Analysis Title: Dimmesdale and Pearl`s relationship

She stole softly towards him , and , taking his hand in the grasp of her own , laid her cheek against it ' which prompted him to lay `his hand on the child 's head ' and then kissed her brow (pp .99-100 . Even Hester is amazed at the display of affection from her daughter prompting her to ask Is that my Pearl (p .100 . She is unused to this tenderness from her child , and in this unusual display , it becomes apparent to the reader that both Pearl and Dimmesdale are feeling more than the mere

relationship between a minister and a parishioner

Later yet , Dimmesdale and his Pearl bring their relationship to words albeit under the cover of night . As he is silently atoning for his sin upon the scaffold , he invites Hester and Pearl to join him . Holding her hand , Dimmesdale is overcome with at strange joy (Hawthorne , 1991 br

.125 . However , he is not yet able to agree to her demand to publicly acknowledge their relationship the next day at noon . Although Pearl is asking him to appear with them as a family , his guilt forces him to refuse . Even though she is too young to understand his denial then when Pearl is seven , she is old enough to understand Dimmesdale 's refusals . At their forest meeting , her petulant and obstinate behavior underscores the hurt she feels because of this . She wipes off his kiss after he once again refuses to .go back with us , hand in hand , we three together , into the town (p .166 . As is usually the case , the mother must comfort the child by reminding her that one day We shall have a home and a fireside of our own and thou shalt sit upon his knee and he will teach thee many things , and love...

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