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Satire visual rhetoric

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The New Yorker July 21 , 2008 Cover : Satire or Racist

On the fourth week of July 2008 , people were astonished as The New Yorker Magazine graced the stands . The cover page showed Barry Blitt 's illustration depicting Barrack Obama wearing a traditional Muslim outfit with a white cap or taqiyah , a white robe or thawb in light brown overtones covering a pair of black pants and brown sandals . Obama 's taqiyah covered a turban that showed his ear prominently

unlike Middle Eastern Arab turbans that cover their ears . Moreover , his thawb length is midway between the knee and the ankle which reflects an orthodox Muslim dress code . Obama is also shown doing a knuckle greeting with his wife Michelle that Fox News ' E .D . Hill calls a `terrorist fist jab [that is] .usually seen used by other prominent terrorists (The Acropolis . Meanwhile , Michelle Obama was shown in an afro hairstyle , a black blouse , camouflage pants and combat shoes . She also has a bandolier and a grayish-greenish , banana-type assault rifle slung at her back . The rifle looked much like an AK47 variant without the AK 's trademark brown , wooden stock . Barrack and Michelle stood at the oval office in a happy demeanor . Barrack was portrayed with his usual serious , but smiling face while Michelle 's smile was more obvious that revealed her prominent cheekbones in a blush . Michelle stood by the left side while Barrack stood by the right side...

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