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Paper Topic:

Samuel Morse

Running Head : SAMUEL FB MORSE

Samuel FB Morse

An Analysis of the Man and his Influence in American History


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Samuel FB Morse

An Analysis of the Man and his Influence in History

Samuel F . B . Morse although best known for his telegraph system was also noted as one of the influential American artists of his time as well as one

of the influential political figure in New York during the period of his life . In his analysis of Morse 's life and works , Kenneth Silverman notes the manner in which Morse 's diverse elements of life were inscribed together in to account for his religious faith and political beliefs . Silverman notes that both these aspects [religious faith and political beliefs] had a direct influence on Morse ' vision of himself as well as his nation (2004 ,

. 420 . In lieu of this , the task of this is two fold . The first part of the opts to consider the manner in which Moore 's works reflect the convergence of his views in relation to religion and nationhood . The second part of the , on the other hand , opts to present the manner in which such views affected the development of American history through the figure of Samuel FB Morse

Like his father Jedediah Morse , a prominent Massachusetts pastor best known for his books on American geography , Samuel Morse believed that Protestantism and American liberty were intertwined . Silverman provides considerable insight into Morse 's experience as an art student in Britain and his experiences as a young artist struggling to create a distinctly American form of historical painting that focused on the great events and the political life of his young nation . His inspiration , however , came from the masterpieces of European art , and it was a younger generation , led by Thomas Cole , that created a distinct American school by drawing on the power of the American landscape Morse 's artistic ambitions were thwarted by the lack of patrons who could support the kind of painting he envisioned . To gain commissions he had to settle for the life of an itinerant portrait painter . It is important to note , however , that at the onset of his career as a portrait , Morse emphasized the necessity to pursue the intellectual branch (qtd in Lipton , 1981 ,

. 36 . The necessity of such lies in Morse 's desire to rival the genius of a Raphael , a Michel Angel , or a Titian (qtd in Lipton , 1981 ,

.49 . Morse notes , my ambition is to be enlisted in the constellation of genius .I wish to shine , not by a light borrowed from them , but to strive to shine the brightest (qtd in Lipton , 1981 ,

. 49 . However , such a desire was not attained by Morse through his first chosen field . Morse 's more lasting impact on American art came through...

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