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Sample Chart/Graph

Running Head : sample chart

Sample Chart

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Graph Analysis

Source : Downloaded from http /www .stat .go .jp /English /data /handbook /c02cont .htm

The above figure is a pictograph , specifically a pictograph of the population density by 14 countries during 2005 . As we can see , the figure uses picture symbol (people ) to denote the population density of each country

The use of pictograph is basically to represent a given amount of data using pictures and symbols . It is easy to

understand and serves as a visual aid to readers who have difficulty reading other forms of graph It attracts readers because of picture and symbols included and give an idea of what the graph is all about . For instance , in the figure above a symbol of man was used to denote no . of persons which is a great help in informing readers that it is all about population density . It also gives little trend but unlike like any other graphs it presents data in the most creative manner

It is appropriate to use this kind of graph because the amount of data is relatively small . If the data is big enough , pictograph is not right to use . Also , it is strategic to use pictograph because of the fact that we are trying to show only population density ranks by country . We are only presenting magnitudes of data , thus why not present it in a creative way . It is just like bar graph . The only difference is that it uses pictures instead of bars

We can use table to present the given data , however tables are unexciting and tiresome to read . It is more stylistic to use pictogram to present population density . The symbol of man builds somewhat like a concept of reality

There was no problem in using a pictograph . In fact , with the aid of the pictograph we can see which has the largest population density (that 's Bangladesh ) and which has the smallest one (that 's Russia . The graph shows that Japan ranked 5th in terms of the population density which supported the findings in the text

It not easy to make pictograph manually unlike any other graphs but there are programs and softwares that offer that type of service which made it easier to construct pictograph

It was the best way to present data . Aside from the fact that 's creative it also aid better communication . People need to communicate but how about those people who don 't have this ability ? People who have limited capability of communicating and learning can be aided with pictograms or pictographs . It supports and promotes good memory retentions . Pictographs can induce your interest , comprehend you and make your life more comfortable and easy Reference

Population . Retrieved November 30 , 2007 from , http /www .stat .go .jp English / data / handbook / c02cont .htm


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