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Salem Witch Trials

The events that led to the Salem Witch Trails happened in a small parish of Salem Village - now Danvers , Massachusetts ( About the Witches . From June to September of 1692 , a mass hysteria brought nineteen men and women to the gallows after being tried of witchcraft (Linder , Salem Witch Trials 1692 . A man of eighty years was pressed to death by large stones for not submitting to a trial on witchcraft trials (Linder , Salem Witch Trials 1692

In the village of Salem , Betty Parris , nine years of age , and her cousin Abigail Williams , eleven

years of age , were the daughter and niece of Reverend Samuel Parris . The girls began to show rather odd behavior . They often screamed and threw things , uttered bizarre sounds and contoured themselves into abnormal positions (Roach , The Salem Witch Trails . The girls covered their ears while in religious services during Reverend Parris ' sermons . A doctor examined them assumed to be William Griggs , and had no explanation of their symptoms and concluded that they were bewitched (Linder , Salem Witch Trials 1692 . His conclusion may have been influenced by Cotton Mather 's work : Memorable Providences Relating too Witchcrafts and Possessions 1689

The affected girls said their resident slave , Tituba , entertained them Tituba was of African descent (Breslaw , Tituba , Reluctant Witch of Salem . Ann Putnam , Sarah Good , and Sarah Osbourne were the first three to be accused of witchcraft , as well as the slave Tituba . Ann Putnam was twelve years old . Sarah Good and Sarah Osbourne were both irritable women and could be why they were accused . Tituba was

probably targeted due to her race and non-puritan religion (Linder Salem Witch Trials 1692

Many others were to be accused , including Martha Corey , Rachel Clinton Dorothy Good , and Rebecca Nurse . Martha Corey was outspoken and skeptical about the credibility of the accusers and the trial . Dorothy Good was the daughter of Sarah Good and only four years of age . It was said she was easily manipulated by the magistrates to say untruthful things that would be taken as a confession and implicating her mother (Linder , Salem Witch Trials 1692

The main source of evidence for these trials came by way of spectral evidence ' that is , the testimony of the victims who claimed to have seen the apparition of outline of the person who was allegedly committing the offense against them (Linder , Salem Witch Trials 1692 . The conflict in using this evidence was the idea of did a person have the right to give the Devil permission to use their shape or body features to hurt others . Those opposing the whole Witch Trial scenario contained that the Devil did not need one 's permission to use them however , the Court felt otherwise . They said the Devil did indeed , need someone 's permission to use their shape for afflicting others . So by this deductive reasoning , the Court decided that if the victims claimed to have seen the shape of a certain person causing havoc , then that person must be in cohorts with the...

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