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Salem Witch Trials

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Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials are a series of trials to convict accused witches in the community of Salem , Massachusetts in the late 17th century . There are many causes of these trials . The setting and time period of these trials must be considered when studying the causes of the Salem Witch Trials . Salem was a religious town in Puritan Massachusetts at the time of the trials . Puritan lifestyle is very strict leaves little room for creativity or individualism . According

to traditional Puritans , any behavior that they consider strange or different from typical Puritan behavior could be the result of witchcraft and the Devil 's influence in a person (Carol , 47-53 ) Salem was vulnerable to this mass hysteria because it had experienced witchcraft on a small scale just a few years before the actual Salem Witch Trials . A laundress by the name of Goody Glover was believed to have afflicted Martha Goodwin with witchcraft and was convicted and hung in 1688 . This event left tension attaining to witchcraft in the Salem community and left it susceptible to the events that occurred only four years later

What caused the Salem witch trials of 1692 to begin ? Although this might seem like a simple question , it does not have a simple answer Many different viewpoints are taken into account therefore ending in various different answers . Some of the main factors that helped influence and create the trials were politics , religion , family feuds economics , and the imagination and fear of different people . Many had strong beliefs that Satan was acting in the world . Such satanic acts included disease , natural catastrophes , and bad fortune which all attributed to the work of the devil (Reverend , 112-124 ) Another cause was a belief that Satan recruits witches and wizards to work for him . A time of troubles contributed to the causes making it seem likely that Satan was active . Such troubles consisted of smallpox , congregational strife in Salem village , and frontier wars with the Indians . Having no television , no CD 's , and lots of bible reading along with strict and humorless households contributed to teenage boredom which could have been another cause for witchcraft (Carol , 47-53

During this time period it was said to believe that women were starting to have a higher power then men . Therefore many historians believe that the charges of witchcraft were a way of controlling the women who actually threatened the power of men . A major cause of the Salem witchcraft trials was superstition . The Puritans in Salem had even more reasons to be superstitious . More importantly , war with a nearby Indian tribe was bound to happen in terms of circumstances (David , 93-102 Therefore when livestock died , Puritans thought there town was cursed but Indians attacking was what really went on . According to all these causes , it is said to believe that many rational , caring people allowed these trials to proceed

Causes for the outbreak of witchcraft led to crucial examination of many...

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