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The Saga of `Erik The Red`

Running Head : Erik the Red The Saga of Erik the Red

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The real name of Eric the Red was Eirikr Thorvaldsson (Chuck Ayoub 2004 . He was a Viking and Norse chieftain born in Jaeder district of south-west Norway (Ingrid Shumway , 2005 ) in 950 AD (Tiffany Kaylor 1976 . His father name was Thorvald Asvaldsson (Duncan Thompson , 2006 Eric is given the name of Eric the Red because he had red beard , red hairs (Jan Furst , 2004 ) and florid complexion (Chuck Ayoub , 2004 . His

father was exiled from Norway in 960 AD because he murdered a person there (Ingrid Shumway , 2005

The family moved to Iceland and settled in a Norse colony on the coast of Iceland (Jan Furst , 2004 . After some years his father dead and Eric married a woman Thorhild (Duncan Thompson , 2006 . After some years Eric the Red was exiled for three years from the country because he got involved in the murder of some people (Tiffany Kaylor , 1976 . He then decided to explore the land which was at a distance of about 500 miles west of Iceland (Jan Furst , 2004 . Eric heard about the land from different people . Later on Eric gave this land a name that was Greenland (Tiffany Kaylor , 1976

It is believed that Gunnjborn Ulf-Krakuson (Tiffany Kaylor , 1976 ) was the first person who reached Greenland when he was accidentally pushed by the harsh winds towards the land (Ingrid Shumway , 2005 . Eric made his voyage towards the land in 982 (Jan Furst , 2004 ) and spent three years in exploring different parts and coasts of the land (Chuck Ayoub 2004 . He established the first Nordic settlement in Greenland (Jan Furst , 2004 ) and he is called the founder of Greenland (Tiffany Kaylor 1976 . After three years of banishment he returned to Iceland (Jan Furst , 2004 ) and told people about new land and gave it a name of Greenland to attract people towards it (Jeff McIntire-Strasburg , 2007 He then made another journey with a group of people towards Greenland in 985

These people were settled in Greenland and established their colonies there . The land grew prosper and soon there were 3000 people living there (Ingrid Shumway , 2005 . Eric was also one of the early Viking explorers of North America (Tiffany Kaylor , 1976 . He was willing to explore more lands along with his children however he was injured after falling from horse (Jan Furst , 2004 ) and didn 't managed to go with them He lived in his farm in the Greenland till his death in 1003 (Chuck Ayoub , 2004

Eric Exiled from Iceland

Eric came to Iceland as a child as his father was exiled from Norway when he murdered a person there (Tiffany Kaylor , 1976 . Eric the Red was settled down in Iceland along with his family . He got married with Thorhild (Tiffany Kaylor , 1976 ) who was the daughter of Jorund Atlisson (Ingrid Shumway , 2005 . He received some land at Eriksstadir in Haukadale from Jorund Atlisson as a dowry (Ingrid Shumway , 2005...

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