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Solutions to Stress

Positive behavior at work starts by the management itself The manager in charge should think positively about the people he is leading before such people can be positive about the work they are doing . The major reason for promoting positive behavior is to create environment where responsibility and relationships are central to the process of production . Therefore the organizing director should come up with ways of developing good behavior amongst his own management before transferring it to the workers

. In this case the director should provide a good example to other workers . According to Allen N . Mendler (2005 he gives easy to use strategies for preventing responding to negative behavior in a way that will maintain dignity and promote positive behavior For any organization to develop positive behavior among its workers , its communication channels should be up to date . Good communication channels will help reduce misunderstanding among the worker making them to concentrate on their work . Through good communication channels the organizational goals will be explained to the workers in details . This is therefore a responsibility of the organization to make sure that every worker knows the goals of the organization . This can be achieved through internal seminars organized by the management . In these seminars the workers are given information that will help them understand the organization better . They are also allowed to make inquiring pertaining to the running of the organization In these meetings the organization also explains its structure to the...

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