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Shock Incarceration Programs and Recidivism Rates

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Section 1 Introduction 1

Background of the Study 2

Statement of the problem 3

Significance of the Study 4

Purpose of the Study 5

Scope and Limitations 5

Section 2 Review of Related Literature 6

2 .1 Background of the

Issue 6

2 .2 Birth of Shock Incarceration 8

2 .3 What Shock Incarceration is all about 9

Section 3 Definitions 11

Section 4 Design 13

Section 5 Subject 14

Bibliography 15


World reports on the aggravating situation in crime and incarceration systems lift up an issue that makes it necessary for an alternative system to treat the social sickness of the world concerning the said discussion

It has been discovered that the reformation of the system of punishment in today 's society is not as strong and as effective as it seemed before . Psychologists found out that the key to lessening the crowded situation of American as well as other nations ' prison homes is to reeducate the people that are imprisoned and rehabilitate their personality into coming back to the right path

In this , an incarceration alternative that shall address to the needs mentioned above shall be discussed in the study that follows

Shock Incarceration Programs and Recidivism Rates page 1

Shock Incarceration Programs and Recidivism Rates

Part 1 Introduction

The way of dealing with offenders of law had long been tried by law enforcers to shift into a more effective way of reforming the ones who erred against the local rules of their own society . The reformed ways would be much more concerned in returning the law offenders to the right track that they should take to have a better life after sinning against the rules that bind humanity , than in simply punishing the people

This is because of the aim of the law enforcers to regain the supposed `people lost to crime ' to be with the society again . After all , the main idea why the law is implied is to make the society a much better place to live in , with people who are having the right attitude towards life and living

Another reason for such research is the fact that prison homes around the world right now , especially that of the ones in America are already overcrowded . Hence , to lower down the growing number of prisoners coming into jail and serving their year-long sentences inside the prison houses , the creation of a program that would serve as an alternative for incarceration is a must

This is the reason why shock incarceration or boot camp has been established during the year 1984 in America . The usage of the said program for the sake of the American law on incarceration has been created to reduce recidivism rates and alleviate prison crowding that has been...

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