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Russian dances

Running head : RUSSIAN DANCE

The Different Faces of the Russian Dance

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The Different Faces of the Russian Dance

Dance is a form of expression that utilizes the bodily movements that are usually rhythmic , patterned and accompanied with music it is considered as one of the oldest art forms

Russians are known for their colorful history and deep-rooted culture Russian dances show their culture . It most vividly dramatizes the emotion and passion of people . Costumes are intricately designed

and extremely attractive . It mirrors the dancers Russian origin . The dance has different styles and backgrounds just like Western dances Traditional Russian dances are a combination of traditional music and dances that originated in various villages and cities in Russia . It is usually accompanied by balalaika , garmoshka or bayan . Though Russian Dancing started very early and dates back way before the Christian era the first official record is in the year 907 during the celebration of Great Russian Prince Oleg 's victory over the Greeks . The performers were composed of sixteen male dancers wearing bear costumes and four bears wearing Russian dancer costumes . After the celebration , Prince Oleg executed the dancers and freed the bears

Traditional dances

Dance of a ceremonial nature have been handed down from former eras in the development of cultures of these people . Many do back beyond the Christian era to more pagan rites . In the dance Makovitza , young girls in solicitation to their gods for rain and good harvest perform whirl dances . They form a circle while eating cake made of honey and poppy-seeds . On the other hand , Chorovod is a ceremonial dance performed throughout Russia , which is of solemn religious nature . During the course of the dance , a group may kneel and bow to the floor while using the hands and arms in a style suggestive of Oriental movement

Some of the most delightful dances from Russia are based upon the various occupations of people . The movements of these dances relate to the occupations in either two ways : they are pantomimic of the activities performed by individuals who engage in the specific occupation , or they are suggestive of the type of personality that usually performs the specific tasks . Illustrative of those are the Chumak , a character sketch of a swaggering merchant the Odzemok , a dance about the shepherd and the Resnik , a character sketch of the butcher

Russian folkloric dances are mixed with different classical movement forms like modern dance , ballet and acrobatics . The Kadrille and Rigodon is a comedic dance of couples . Four or more couples face the center of a square formation while dancing composes the traditional Kadrille ensemble

Russia have spectacular dances which enable the performer to demostrate skill in intricate movements of the feet , in brilliant leaps or jumps or in daring feats .One of the popular Russian dance styles is the Prisyadki . It is a dance mostly composed of knee bending and sudden rises while extending their legs alternately in a...

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