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To Be Young and Amish

An Analytical and Movie Commentary on the Documentary Film , Devil 's Playground

The world is clearly filled with great differences and diversity Whoever said that there should be equality and similarity amongst humanity has not been thinking quite well because there is no such thing as equality and similarity . From the moment that a person is born , there already exists a sense of uniqueness in each individual which differentiates him or her from the rest of the individuals

in the world In fact , even twins - fraternal or identical - have huge differences between them . Thus , people should not mock or ridicule people who are different just because they are weird , uncommon , or surprising since those weird ' people would most likely think the same to other people Just what is the whole point of this introduction on the great diversity ? It will have to lie on the fact that such diversity sometimes creates chaos amongst people , and the fact that because other people have differences in culture , opinions and priorities are what create confusion and pandemonium . This is the same case for the Amish youth who are so used to the idea of being one and the same as everybody else However , when they are given the freedom to become different and to nurture their individuality , they suddenly become wild and engage in vices - what happens is they frolic in the devil 's playground - figuratively speaking , of course (or maybe not . Though...

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