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The Roots of Muslim Rage





The Roots of Muslim Rage

The Roots of Muslim Rage ' by Bernard Lewis is an article which tried to explain and find the probable cause of the anger and wrath that the Islamic people seem to have against westerners . The author tried to analyze the religious group 's reason in being hostile or acting so violently towards the West , most especially America . There were given factors that may be considered as grounds and through it the article was able , in its own way , to shed

some light over the matter . However , the surprising twist is that after reading through it , one may learn that the battle that ensues against the two factions may be considered as one caused by nothing but ego (Lewis

During the height of the September 11 bombing incident , as well as the war that was declared against Iraq which came after as some form of vengeance , the initial reason people have concluded is that America may be taking advantage of some Islamic countries , which are undeniably dependent on it . It was taking its resources for itself while slowly invading the territory . However , as the article provided information which mentioned that America was not the only country who did this deed and yet it was the only which was attacked . This made one see that the initial known reason is not valid and substantial at all . This also showed that the Muslim people who admitted to be behind the attacks have other grounds...

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