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The Roots of Moslem Rage


Title : Roots of Moslem Rage




It is no light matter , the concept of Moslem rage . Perhaps , the fact that Moslem rage is referred to as The Clash of Civilization intimates the idea that at the moment , there is no other threat as pervasive and formidable enough to the present civilization as the Moslem rage . The earliest vestiges of this phenomenon stood as historical reactions of ancient times , serving as a rival against the actual Judeo-Christian religious heritage . There are views

entertained by Lewis (1990 ) that there are some reasons which ensure that the cause of this phenomenon remain extant

First off , the growth of secularism of the early 19th century springing from the concept and practice of the separation of the state from the Church , ushered in the gradual shrinking of religious freedom and worship . Given the fact that the Koran bifurcates the world into the House of Islam and the House of Unbelief , the Moslem has come to see the 20th and 21st century civilizations as the conduit through which the prospects of the latter is advanced , with the chief antagonist being the US

At the same time , Lewis (Ibid ) makes mention of the fact that the Developed Countries have been seen to establish international institutions by which other smaller nations , including Islamic nations are subjected to political , cultural and social domination , a development which has only left a bitter taste in the mouth of the Moslem . For instance , since...

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