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Romeo + Juliet, social class system





Romeo ? Juliet

It can be quite a surprise to watch the 1996 film version of Romeo and Juliet ' for someone who is much familiar with William Shakespeare 's works . The storyline might still depict the original plot of the famous Elizabethan play , but with a first glance at the film 's poster or trailer , one may think that there is an absolute difference between the film and the play

By initially judging the film based on visual presentations , it has a distinct impression of

being a modern film . The characters were transformed from Elizabethan to downtown punks of Miami . This was obvious in the way their costume and environment were designed . Graffiti was also visible anywhere in the film , and most of the Montague and Capulet boys carried guns which can be reflective of the situation in America at that period of time when illegal possession of firearms , gang wars , car chases , and great deal of media involvement were the pervading issues . As James Loehlin puts it , Luhrmann confronts the social realities as well as the media modes of the new millennium (Loehlin 360 . When Luhrmann made use of an anchorwoman reporting the deaths of star-crossed lovers ' he portrayed how television was becoming a major part of our society and how it was cultivating our culture

If one would look at the personal history of the director , it can be noticed that Baz Luhrmann is a visionary director who is fond of staging colorful and ornamental...

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