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My Role transition from an RN to a BSN-RN







Nursing entails a spirit of caring interpersonal communication critical thinking and therapeutic interventions . Nursing has been a career that offers assistance to society by providing quality care and upholding all people 's dignity . Philosophy of nursing ensures that nurses are taught to offer quality care to all regardless of people 's races religion origin social status or their gender . It is therefore the role of nurses to ensure that the care they offer is not dependent

on one 's background but on the patient 's needs or requirements . The environment should be well structured to enable maximum or optimal service delivery of quality care . The care should be timely so that patients are well attended to before it is too late and detrimental effects occur

Most people still lack health insurance and have to use the `out of pocket ' approach in funding for their services , which deems expensive and discouraging . Health care should be a basic human right and people should not be denied on the basis of inability to pay . Affordable cost for the health care should be ensured so that people are not denied access to care due to their lack of affordability . It is always the goal of nurses to ensure that quality care is enhanced so that patients levels of satisfaction are higher . Nurses will only be satisfied if the quality of care they offer satisfy the patients

In future nursing practice , the philosophy of nursing will ensure that care given is effective . This will be because the nurses will understand the patients well and will offer or provide a patient centered environment . It will ensure that all needs are well addressed . For instance the emotional needs , physical , cultural and spiritual needs of individuals . Care offered should be well coordinated and safe to benefit the patients . In serving patients they respect their personal dignity and ensure confidentiality . They also ensure that they are accountable or show responsibility to the society . A unique contribution to health is made by nurses as patients need their care after diagnosis and treatment (Teeley et al , 2006

Transition from RN to BSN will build on unique attributes , know-how and expertise about nursing . It will equip me with appropriate skills to handle patients better

The basic paradigms or parties that nursing deal with are patient or client , the environment and health . The client includes the individual and the family or the community . The nursing philosophy enables the nurse to able to handle or well manage the patients , their families and the community at large . An all inclusive system ensures a healthy relationship between the three parties

The environment entails internal and external factors that include social , cultural , economic , political , legal , spiritual and ethnic perspectives . The environment ensures differences in people 's health Different environment influences or results to varying health conditions . People with economic hardships are prone to have adverse effects due to uncontained preventive diseases . The philosophy of nursing...

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